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I have worked in the process improvement space for over 20 years, all of which has been driven through the implementation of some form of technology, which gained me the title of ERP queen or the technical chick.  

Through working in these projects with some amazing teams, I found that there was a common theme, the solution was already decided, usually by a really good salesperson, and the project teams were tasked with implementing it.

So often I found that we had a disconnect between what we were doing, and why, we were doing it.  Even worse, if the project had a long timeline on it, by the time we had reached our end point, I found the business had changed or the need had gone, and the team’s accomplishment was lost in the next pressing business need.

A couple of years ago, I thought what if we approached this differently?

What if we really understood the need and could make small changes quickly to gain value immediately. 

Armed with this thought I researched and investigated many methodologies: LEAN, TQM, Agile, Six Sigma, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban. Although all of them have great insight they can be too complicated for businesses to deeply understand and apply,  I applied the 80/20 rule and took 20% of each of these techniques and created a hybrid approach.


I also took the time to brush up on my team capability skills to ensure that I could deliver a whole people and process package.

As I talked to CEO's about my approach I realised I just wanted to help businesses “get better at what matters”, which is how I got my tag line. 

I have a broad range of skill sets that I have brought to a variety of boardrooms. 


Once we understood the what and the why, the skills I needed to utilise became obvious.

Next we found the who and when to make the change.

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